House Passes Ban on Bump Stocks

On Wednesday, October 11, Representative Mahoney joined his colleagues in the Massachusetts House of Representatives to pass an amendment to the 2017 Supplemental Budget banning the sale, purchase, or ownership of a “bump stock” device.

The amendment adopted by the House bans the possession, ownership, or sale of any device that attaches to a rifle, shotgun, or firearm, other than a magazine, which is designed to increase the rate of fire of said weapon. The legislation carries a punishment of imprisonment in the state prison by not less than three years nor more than twenty years, and goes into effect six months from the passage of the bill.

“I was proud to join my colleagues in the House today by banning the sale and use of bump stocks. As I’ve said before, these devices are completely unnecessary and have no place in our society. Massachusetts continues to lead in gun safety and I hope, by our example, the rest of the nation will follow.”

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