Nelson Place Elementary School Dedication Ceremony

Representative Mahoney joined his colleagues in the dedication ceremony at the new Nelson Place Elementary School on Sunday, October 15.

“Yesterday, I had the great honor of participating in the dedication ceremony at the new Nelson Place Elementary School. Six years ago I invited former Treasurer Steve Grossman to the old facility, and when he saw it first-hand he said, “I’ve seen enough, we’ll make this happen.”

I have been deeply involved with this project from day one and I would like to thank former Treasurer Grossman and all of my colleagues who were sincerely helpful throughout the process, including Senator Chandler for all of her assistance, Mayor Joe Petty for his committed city-side help, and a special thanks to Treasurer Deb Goldberg, Jack McCarthy, and everyone at the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) for their dedicated partnership. This achievement shows that elections matter.

When I first ran for office, my wife Erin and I thought of our four children and the frustration we saw young families experiencing in our district. We wanted to make sure that if people chose to work and live in Worcester, that our public schools would be a draw and on par with any other surrounding school system. We are committed to making our public schools the best they can be.

This project means students from Nelson Place will have a first class facility to match the academics. They will then matriculate to Forest Grove, which I feel is one of the strongest middle schools not only in Worcester County, but in our Commonwealth. The final piece is Doherty High School, where we have first-hand knowledge of its condition due to our three oldest children attending. We have worked with Treasurer Goldberg and the MSBA to make the new Doherty High School a reality, and last year it was announced that it is in the initial stages of the replacement process.

By the time the current Nelson Place students get to Doherty, they’ll have a facility that matches up with an incredibly rich, academic, and cultural school experience.”

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