As your state representative, one of John's top priorities is to help make sure our state government's agencies are accessible and responsive to the needs and concerns of my constituents. While we cannot require an agency to decide a matter in your favor, my staff can help cut through "red tape" to get fair and timely consideration of problems at state agencies.

We can help you in a variety of ways with state agencies. We can make inquiries on your behalf about the status of any pending cases before any state agency. We can also often offer advice about which agency would be best to handle your concerns, and help you navigate the sometimes confusing web of services offered by the state government. Unfortunately, we cannot offer legal advice or intervene in pending litigation.

Frustrated with state government? John and his staff can help you resolve a problem with state departments and agencies.

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State House Tours
Information about visiting the State House in Boston. You can also take an online tour of this historic building.