Help with a State Agency

Are you having a problem with a state agency? We can help!

As your state representative, one of John's top priorities is to help make sure our state government's agencies are accessible and responsive to the needs and concerns of his constituents. While we cannot require an agency to decide a matter in your favor, the senator's staff can help cut through "red tape" to get fair and timely consideration of problems at state agencies.

We can help you in a variety of ways with state agencies. We can make inquiries on your behalf about the status of any pending cases before any state agency. We can also often offer advice about which agency would be best to handle your concerns, and help you navigate the sometimes confusing web of services offered by the state government. Unfortunately, we cannot offer legal advice or intervene in pending litigation.

How to Request Assistance

When making a request, it should contain the following information:

Brief explanation: Please describe the situation with which you require help as briefly and clearly as possible. The more clear and concise your explanation, the faster we can handle your case.

Relevant documents and identification numbers: Please any relevant documents, case or file numbers, and your social security number.

Please be sure to include your full name, address and day time telephone.

Special notes: Due to new privacy laws, some agencies will not speak with our office without a signed release form. Some of those forms are located to the right.

Contact by Phone/Fax

Representative Mahoney's State House Office in Boston can be reached Monday- Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at (617) 722-2460. Our fax number is (617) 626-0247.

Contact by U.S. Mail

You can write to John and his staff to seek assistance with a state agency at the following address:

Representative John Mahoney
State House, Room 443
Boston, MA 02133

Please be sure to include any pertinent information including your full name and return mailing address, daytime telephone number, any relevant identification numbers and a brief description of your problem.

Contact by E-Mail

To request John assistance in resolving an issue with state department or agency, please use the form below. For all other issues (legislative support/opposition, greeting or scheduling requests) please visit our Contact section.